OLPC technology uses

I decided to write about the different uses children give to the technology provided by the One Laptop per Child Program (OLPC) in Uruguay. Although, there is a lot of studies on children and technology the OLPC program is shifting a lot of paradigms on how children and adults use technology. Such is the case that less economically privileged families with several children accumulate larger numbers of computer in one household. There is not much in depth literature on this topic yet, mostly quantitative data and short reports that do not address how different children use this technology at home or school in this program.

The use of technology changes the according to the type of technology, the amount of technology and many variables that do not relate with technology. Even though I have extensively read about children and different use of technology it was not until a couple hours ago when I had to leave my own computer at the shop for repair that I truly experienced the differences. Blogging from an iPad changes the way I express, the length, depth and external resources I bring into my blog.

The more I read preparing for my research in Uruguay the more I come to terms that I can only find a guidance in the existent literature. The computers and “universal access” to all children in Uruguay is shifting many many paradigms and new in-depth literature needs to be created to understand the complexities and commonalities created in a specific context.

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